Lumber delivery

Saturday the four of us piled into two cars and headed to Vashon, leaving one car at Fauntleroy and stuffed ourselves into the big truck for the island part of the drive. We brought over the load of scavenged wood Dad and Forrest had picked up the other day and did a run at the local lumber yard.

Getting the load ready for the ride

The weather was beautiful and the ferry was as swift and majestic as it can be when you aren’t commuting on it. Squeezing into the truck wasn’t easy, but it was fun watching dad menace the oncoming traffic with our massive grill. The unloading went quickly and we then headed off to the Island Lumber, to check out their stash of 20 foot 2x10s and 2x12s.

Got there safe

The lumber was beautiful, clean and all fir. The lumber yard guy was happy to leave his forklift with a palet of lumber on it for us to pick through, though the boards were so nice, there was barely any need to.

Loading up

Passing it up

Dad told me this afternoon he was so excited about the quality of wood he hardly slept last night, thinking about it. We offloaded the fresh lumber and headed back into Seattle before the sun started to set.


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