Heavy Machinery

At the beginning of our site excavation I arranged for a local contractor to bring his track hoe out and level, clear and trench for our foundation.
I had met with him for a consultation and we had decided the easiest way to clear the site was for him to push over the massive 100+ foot fir and hemlock trees with his hoe, while I would buck up the trunks into lengths for future milling. It turned out to be an epic three days of bone crunching machinery and screaming chain saws.

From Site photos

This was way up my ally.
Our track hoe operator was skilled and careful, swiftly turning the dense forest into a clean and workable job site. His track hoe moved as if it was itself alive and doing my bidding. Earth was moved, brush was piled high and neat, “timber” was hollered and the sweat poured. When the dust settled, the base and simple foot print of our future home was visible in the rocky soil of our little piece of Vashon.

From Site photos

I must admit it is a very powerful and a bit scary to rend earth and move great trees with such speed. I assure you, great care was taken by all of us to keep our little forest as whole as we could.
Our plan is to join the ecosystem, not to destroy it for our use. The mighty maple, of which I am so fond, still sits, undisturbed, as a back drop to our endeavor. Like a sentential of the forest. Now as the track hoe lumbers away down our gravel road, we plan for our next move-the forms and steel of our foundation.
It’s hard to imagine a house here in these piles of dirt, rock and raw timber but it has truly began now.

From 2010 operation foundation

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