And then there was digging

And yea it was boring and lame. So I’m going to gloss over it.

From 2010 Stemwall form
From 2010 Stemwall form

After most of the hand digging was completed, we started placing the 20 foot 2x8s that would create the form for the footing. Because the house is not a 20 foot by 20 foot square, we had to cut boards to fit and piece them together with scabs. As we put the pieces together, we also had to keep the entire form at the appropriate height. Dad set up the transit level and we began the long and annoying process of leveling the form while whaling on it with hammers, digging under it and pounding in stakes next to it.

From 2010 Stemwall form

The rules were as follows:
The space between the boards needed to be 12″
Each board had to be level the whole 20′ and continue being level around corners and through being scabbed to additional boards.

From 2010 Stemwall form

(and there was more digging, naturally)
Cleats had to be set every 4 feet and at each corner, each one being squared to the inside board.
Rebar had to be placed within the forms, wired from the cleats to hang no less than 3 inch above the ground or from the exterior boards. Each new piece of rebar had to overlap with the previous piece by at least 18 inches and had be bent around corners.
Bending rebar is a job best done with 2 people, though it’s hard to convince Si of that.

From 2010 Stemwall form

The semi completed form looks like this

From 2010 Stemwall form

We spent several weekends getting just this bottom part of the form put together.
And there was more digging, of course.

From 2010 Stemwall form

One response to “And then there was digging

  1. This is awesome! And amazing! You’re turning a forest into a house!

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