We have a mascot

We call him Sam, which is most likely not his name, but he doesn’t have a tag.

From 2010 Stemwall form

He generally shows up at the work site after we’ve been there for an hour or so. He announces his presence by “buzzing the tower” as Si calls it. This involves dashing out of the woods and tearing past you, just inches from your legs, making a quick turn several feet after passing and racing back on your other side. Eventually he’ll calm down and just hang out, he likes to follow me around the work site, putting his head just within petting range. I am completely smitten.

From 2010 Stemwall form

Si is charmed by Sam’s antics as well,

From 2010 S Island views

he loves a strategic look out,

From 2010 S Island views

Which I often find very distracting.

From 2010 S Island views

But who can blame me? Have you looked at that face?!


2 responses to “We have a mascot

  1. Just in case anyone following this blog should think that nothing has happened since Sam first showed up in May – we poured the foundation, passed a couple of plumbing inspections, framed the north, east and west walls and poured the slab for the floor. Vena refuses to post anything out of chronological order – so the house may be built before she gets around to describing what we did in June.

  2. True, Merlin. I just saw on Venz’a [not smart] phone that the first structural beam is up. It’s a banged up device from 1990, but I think the structure looked sturdy…

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