This is where we are now

From 2010 all summer

Actually, we are even further along now, but you get the idea. Obviously many things have happened since the last post. I will attempt to catch you up.

First, we finished building the forms for the stem wall and footing.

From 2010 pouring concrete

This the morning of the pour, Simon is in the process of sawing out the hole in the form for the sewer line.

A giant pumping truck stuffed itself down our drive and drove right up to the site. The first concrete truck showed up soon after.

From 2010 pouring concrete
From 2010 pouring concrete

The hose from the pumper could reach all the way around the form, so there was no shoveling of concrete to do, much to Simon’s relief.

From 2010 pouring concrete

Once the truck got in place and started pumping, we didn’t stop moving until the concrete ran out.

From 2010 pouring concrete

Dad ran the hose, Simon agitated the fresh concrete while Jon, my mom and I followed behind, smoothing the top with trowels and moving excess concrete around.
The second truck load of concrete filled the form to the top and we started setting J bolts and making sure the top was level.

From 2010 pouring concrete

Despite the sweet tool Si made for sighting the depth of the J bolts, many of them ended up a little wonky.

From 2010 pouring concrete
From 2010 pouring concrete

Luckily we have an angle grinder, a roto-hammer and gorilla glue.

We ended the day totally exhausted, though less than we would have been without Jon, who left too soon to be rewarded with a beer.

From 2010 pouring concrete

2 responses to “This is where we are now

  1. Hey! What happened? The lights went out! I am anxious to know how things are progressing… Get ta Blogging, Vena!

  2. Well now we have a whole bunch of walls and something that looks a lot like a roof, and on the second floor is a toilet that is all hooked up to the septic system and flushes if you lug a bucket of water up the ladder and pour it in the toilet.

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