Moving forward

As fall has set in, we’ve slowed down – school started again and Si went back to money making efforts. We got the roof framed and tar papered before the rain started, though the day we finished the final roof, Si and I were on the roof until 7:30, the sun going down and a light drizzle starting. Climbing down a 25 foot extension ladder in dusk with all our tools wasn’t fun.

We pushed ourselves, right to the end, so when our house sit on island ended and we came back to Seattle, everyone needed a breather.

Since the last post a lot has happened.

Some of it involved clowning around

From 2010 all summer

But to the large extent it was just hard work. We have no photos of the framing of the second floor – dad and Si were working 10 hour days to get the roof up before school started again and I was stuck in Seattle, making the money.

From 2010 sept

I had a 2 week period between jobs and stayed with the men, working on framing the roof and taking photos.

From 2010 sept
From 2010 sept

I spent several days up in the rafters, staining the exposed framing while dad and Si put up roof joists.

From 2010 sept

There was a lot of time spent kicking it up in the rafters, it took enough effort to get up and down that unless it was an emergency, it was easier to just stay up.

From 2010 sept
From 2010 sept
From 2010 sept

After many, many trips up and down various ladders

From 2010 sept

We had a roof

From 2010 sept

Everyone was pretty frazzled, but pleased

From 2010 sept

Si did a jig

From 2010 sept

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