February pulled it’s traditional trick, hinting at spring – sunny but cold days, light breezes, minimal rain and convinced several people in the family that it was time to start working again. I warned everyone I could, reminding them that true spring wouldn’t show up for at least 3 more month, and that March was going to be like a club to the back of the head, but I wasn’t heeded.
The first day back on the site was cold but dry. Dad started back on the plumbing he’d left in October, Simon completed the framing on all the windows in the house and Mom and I worked on cutting out the doorways and windows. With most of the exterior sheathed and the rest covered in house wrap, the inside of the structure was very dark and very cold.

From 2011 Feb

Dad spent several hours with the skill-saw, notching out the path of the sewer line in the studs, to the point that it looked suspiciously like nothing but a sliver was holding up the south-east corner of the house.

From 2011 Feb

Being perpetually short on ladders, I constructed a rickety scaffold with the two extremely funky saw horses and some scrap 2×10. Using a Sawsall directly above your head is never fun, but considerably less fun when your footing is only semi secure. Mom stood by to act as a soft landing ground, should I loose my footing.

From 2011 Feb

Simon did not spend the whole day staring wistfully into space, this photo might actually be the only second he was still for the 6 hours we were at the property. He started on the second floor and quickly finished all the cripples and headers for the partically framed windows. He finished up with the window right next to the entry way and Mom and I decided actually putting a window in would be the best way to end the day.

From 2011 Feb

We wrapped the frame with strips of house wrap and Mom dug through our window pile to find the right window.

From 2011 Feb

Inserting it and securing it went so quickly, I didn’t have time to document the actual event.

From 2011 Feb

Instead I just snuck in and pretended like I had helped.

From 2011 Feb

One response to “Spring?

  1. It sure is looking great! Very inspiring.

    That is some chilly work this time of year!

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